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How to use a DSLR Camera

  1. DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex
  2. It resembles a 35mm film camera
  3. They have detachable lenses
  4. Prime lens are only used for one focal length​
  5. Zoom lenses are used for  variable focal length
  6. 21 mm= extreme wide angle
  7. 21-35mm= wide angle
  8. 35-70= normal
  9. 70-135= medium telephoto
  10. 135-300+mm= telephoto
  11. Zoom and focus are 2 different things
  12. ISO= number that describes film’s sensitivity to light
  13. High ISO value means the sensor will be more sensitive to light, meaning it will take less light to get the right exposure
  14. more available light = lower ISO
  15. less available light = higher ISO
  16. Use the lowest ISO you can to avoid grain/noise​
  17. ​Shutter speed is how long the shutter is open
  18. The faster the action is you want a hight shutter speed
  19. Tripods are used when shutter speed is less than 1/ of a second
  20. Aperture also known as f-stop (fraction) is the focal length divided by lens diameter
  21.  Smaller number actually represents a larger opening
  22. Full Auto (green rectangle)– camera set in the right mode for you
  23. Av (Aperture priority) – you choose aperture, camera chooses appropriate shutter speed​
  24. M (Manual) – you choose EVERYTHING​
  25. CA (Creative Auto) – camera does almost everything lets you choose brightness, depth of field, picture style
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