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HDR Photography: Waves

I called this photo “Waves”. I think I did okay editing this picture. I tried my best getting the same color of the sky from the original photo to the picture of the clouds. I picked these clouds because I thought they look cool and reminded me of the famous painting “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”. I thought this would be different and unique to put instead of normal clouds. I turned up the saturation on the picture to give it more “life”. I also like how a bit of the clouds from the original photo are in and match with the clouds I added. It was a bit difficult to edit since I had to make sure the picture was stretched out. I think did alright but I know that I can do better.

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For photographers, videographers, and filmmakers to manage the quality and direction of light in a controlled environment, studio lighting equipment is crucial. Studio lighting’s main objective is to provide a subject with illumination that is both visually beautiful and useful. Studio lighting equipment comes in a variety of forms, each with its own special qualities and purposes. Continuous lighting, strobe lighting, and LED lighting are the three most used types of studio lighting.

Lights that are constantly on and offer a steady supply of light are referred to as continuous illumination. Because they let the photographer to see exactly how the illumination will appear in the final shot, these lights are excellent for still photography and filmmaking. On the other side, strobe lighting uses brief bursts of light to stop time and produce spectacular pictures. High-speed and fashion photography both frequently employ these lights. A more recent technology that produces brilliant, effective, and long-lasting light is LED lighting. They are becoming more and more common because of their low power requirements, adaptability, and affordability. Studio lighting equipment can be used in conjunction with various light modifiers, such as soft boxes, umbrellas, and reflectors, to achieve a variety of creative and professional results.

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Gel lights

portrait reference photos - Google Search | Portrait, Face photography, Portrait inspiration

From the photography, I think the person posing a giving off a strong and fierce person. The makeup matching the color of red in the background helps prove that point. I think the photographer used a redish/pinkish, light to give off the color and around a 3.0. They probably used another light in front of her face to get the side light. The exposure on her face is low showing more of the light.

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50 pictures

Differences of Lightroom and Photoshop:

  1. Lightroom has more editing options for pictures (color, filter, etc.)
  2. Photoshop allows you to control/manipulate the image (get rid of things and add things)
  3. Lightroom allows you to rate the images and keep them in a section.

Similarities of Lightroom and Photoshop:

  1. They both have the brush setting allowing you to edit/blur things out of the image.
  2. Both software’s allow you to change parts of the image
  3. Both allow you to edit with different colors.
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Scavenger hunt

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  1. Using the story of a film and take inspiration from it.
  2. The website “Flikr” has some good inspiration for pictures
  3.  Using album covers/CDs for inspiration.
  4. Listen to music and in vision and idea with a lyric
  5. Read for inspiration
  6. Use different lighting for pictures
  7. Use all angles (360)
  8. Shoot a holiday theme
  9. Reproduce old photos from great photographers
  10. Use models or friends
  11. Shoot in the dark
  12. See an art show
  13. Do a challenge
  14. Take a picture of your family
  15. Use food for inspo’
  16. tell a story
  17. take a self-portrait
  18. shoot a sporting event
  19. shoot a family event
  20. use the same object but add different detail
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Conceptual self portrait

Exposure: 1/25 sec; f/1.6; ISO 800

Conceptual is relating to something or consisting of concepts. I would say that this picture conceptually shows something about me because of the very little details and the object but yet it tells a story. Snoopy, the stuff animal wearing the big headphones connected to the laptop listening to music with full volume. He’s huddle up in a sad position listening to a song that can be consider sorrowful. Some including myself may relate to this image because this is how some feel on certain days. Although I don’t feel like this all the time, its nice to have some quiet time and just listen to music without worrying.

Cindy Sherman | MoMA

Cindy Sherman is an amazing photographer and is known for her self portraits. Her work is very unique and has experimented with the visual of art, fame, gender, and photography to explore how identities are constructed. The reason I choose this picture is because of the detail. The soft ice on her face and the dirt places a huge role in this photograph. It almost looks like a painting which is one of the things I liked about.