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Depth of Field

Depth of field is the separation between objects in a scene that appears sharp in a photograph. To get a narrow aperture you would want to use a smaller aperture. Your shutter speed would also be slower. It will increase the depth of field in close-up shots.

To get a wide aperture would use a bigger aperture. This will allow more light to come in and create the blur in the background from the focus. The more light there is the faster the shutter speed will allow you to use the freeze or stop camera. It will isolate your object. The background will be blurred.

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Exposure: 1/50 f/8 ISO 1600 Manual; Pattern metering

Exposure: 1/250 sec  f/5.6  ISO 3200 Manual; Pattern metering

  1. I think my photos do have strong composition because the subject is fully focused and in frame
  2. I edited my photos so they all have a different vibe to go off.
  3. I would try to focus on the person more so you can have a clearer view of them.
  4. I think my photo does belong on the blog because the way the framing is on for the second photo, but I don’t believe its one of the best photos of all the classes
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All about me collage

In mine collage I added my favorite music, food, and shows. Music is one of the things I love and can not live without, so I added some of my favorite albums and artist like Steve Lacy and Lamp. Spotify is the app I use to listen to my music and without it I would probably die. I added a couple of my favorite movies/shows, these are the ones I watch the most whenever I’m bored. My favorite food I sushi and my whole personality is based on it Without sushi I would be a completely different person.

Although these things don’t make me into the person I am, they do with my personality like the little sack boy that is all mad.

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How to use a DSLR Camera

  1. DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex
  2. It resembles a 35mm film camera
  3. They have detachable lenses
  4. Prime lens are only used for one focal length​
  5. Zoom lenses are used for  variable focal length
  6. 21 mm= extreme wide angle
  7. 21-35mm= wide angle
  8. 35-70= normal
  9. 70-135= medium telephoto
  10. 135-300+mm= telephoto
  11. Zoom and focus are 2 different things
  12. ISO= number that describes film’s sensitivity to light
  13. High ISO value means the sensor will be more sensitive to light, meaning it will take less light to get the right exposure
  14. more available light = lower ISO
  15. less available light = higher ISO
  16. Use the lowest ISO you can to avoid grain/noise​
  17. ​Shutter speed is how long the shutter is open
  18. The faster the action is you want a hight shutter speed
  19. Tripods are used when shutter speed is less than 1/ of a second
  20. Aperture also known as f-stop (fraction) is the focal length divided by lens diameter
  21.  Smaller number actually represents a larger opening
  22. Full Auto (green rectangle)– camera set in the right mode for you
  23. Av (Aperture priority) – you choose aperture, camera chooses appropriate shutter speed​
  24. M (Manual) – you choose EVERYTHING​
  25. CA (Creative Auto) – camera does almost everything lets you choose brightness, depth of field, picture style
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How to create portraits

1.Using a background for your portrait is a significant element

2. Try to add some space so the viewer can see the background and the person.

3. Composition adds balance

4.Identify visual storytelling potential

5. Central composition

6.Try to create a story

7. Good portrait photography is an outcome of a thinking process

8.Over-thinking the subject might lose patience

9. Focus on the eyes

10. Adding a background can tell a story

11. Shoot away from natural light to give the person a better appearance

12. The subject is in the center of the frame is balanced

13.It is okay to crop parts of the person to tell the story

14.  Try to take different pictures

15. Take at least 20 pictures.

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See the source image

I really like this picture because of the way it is edited and it tells a story. It shows the surrealism because you’ll never see someone eat their own head. I think what the photographer was trying to say is how we as humans put ourselves down often. The silver ware shows how we eat ourselves up and how everyone goes through it. The color of the pictures also gives it a dark vibe. Many other will have different thoughts on what this image means which is why I think it is a good picture. The point is to get different other views for your picture and make them question what you are trying to say.

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Alternative camera angles

Exposure: 1/2700sec;  f/5.0;  ISO:400

Exposure: 1/60sec; f/5.0; ISO:1600

Exposure: 1/2700sec;  f/5.6;  ISO:400

Exposure: 1/85sec;  f/4.5;  ISO:1600

Finding Fresh Angles in Photography

I really like this photo because of the angle it is facing. I think it is really unique since it catches your eye quickly. The color of the trees is really cool. I think that is also another reason why it caught my eye. The angle of the camera also captures the shadows of the trees. It makes it look like they are two different colors. The clouds in the sky are also really nice. The sky almost looks like the ocean in some way because of the color. The way the trees are almost in like a circle is really cool as well. You can tell the photographer put in a lot of effort. It makes you wonder how the photographer took the picture. Maybe the trees were a different color and he edited to make it look more like a fall like season. I also like the way the angle makes the trees look really tall. You can tell this photographer really puts in the work for his pictures. It makes me want to try to take an angle that way. I also wonder where he went to take this picture. I also find it cool how the sky is two different colors. I wonder how he edited the picture to get it to look like that. The that you can also see everything so clearly is really cool. I would like to do something like this.

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