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Alternative camera angles

Exposure: 1/2700sec;  f/5.0;  ISO:400

Exposure: 1/60sec; f/5.0; ISO:1600

Exposure: 1/2700sec;  f/5.6;  ISO:400

Exposure: 1/85sec;  f/4.5;  ISO:1600

Finding Fresh Angles in Photography

I really like this photo because of the angle it is facing. I think it is really unique since it catches your eye quickly. The color of the trees is really cool. I think that is also another reason why it caught my eye. The angle of the camera also captures the shadows of the trees. It makes it look like they are two different colors. The clouds in the sky are also really nice. The sky almost looks like the ocean in some way because of the color. The way the trees are almost in like a circle is really cool as well. You can tell the photographer put in a lot of effort. It makes you wonder how the photographer took the picture. Maybe the trees were a different color and he edited to make it look more like a fall like season. I also like the way the angle makes the trees look really tall. You can tell this photographer really puts in the work for his pictures. It makes me want to try to take an angle that way. I also wonder where he went to take this picture. I also find it cool how the sky is two different colors. I wonder how he edited the picture to get it to look like that. The that you can also see everything so clearly is really cool. I would like to do something like this.

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